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Rooms & Rates

The Sunshine Room has a queen size brass bed located in a southern exposure room overlooking the fields of grass with cattle grazing. It is done in different shades of yellow to give a relaxing atmosphere. There is also a white iron half bed located in this room. A bathroom must be shared with one of the other rooms. Rates: $90.00 plus tax (Double occupancy plus $15.00 for an additional person.)
The Early American Room has two full size antique white oak high back wooden beds plus matching dresser and wash stand from the 1800’s. This room has a bathroom with a whirlpool tub and shower. It is decorated in a companion paper and accessories to match the bedroom. Rates: $90.00 plus tax (Double occupancy plus $15.00 for each additional person.)
The Rose Room has a pewter king size bed with a matching bench and nightstand. This room has a white oak washstand and dresser from the late 1800’s. There is also a white oak daybed to match. The bathroom has a shower stall and matching accessories and companion paper to match the bedroom. Rates: $90.00 plus tax (Double occupancy plus $15.00 for an additional person.)
Each bedroom has a clock, a ceiling fan, emergency lighting, TV satellite hookup, wireless and hairdryers.

 If all rooms are occupied, a cheaper rate will be given for a shared bathroom.

Business rates are available upon request.

Senior citizens rates are available for anyone over 65.

Extended stay rates of four days or more will be given.

Special Arrangements:  The Par-a-dox Bed and Breakfast LLC also has a health permit to cater for small parties up to about twenty people. Choose from a menu of several options of good country recipes. Will do picnic lunches on request. There is also room for meetings. 

Hunters are welcome!


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